This blog is my passion project.  

I am not crazy about sharing every moment of my day; no.  I am passionate about living a simple and content life.  I love the feeling that what I do has a purpose, whether it be sourcing wholesome ingredients for a great meal, or buying something useful, or making something. I love the mindful process that leads me to an outcome I feel right about.  And that’s the motivation behind my blog.

I cover a variety of topics in this blog, because I deeply believe that minimalism is a lifestyle that goes beyond mindfulness.  It steeps into all facets of our lives – finance, food choice, shopping patterns, how we treat our environment and relationships.  So, I don’t want to put on a marketing lens and only write specific topics.  If my content results in the creation of different communities?  Great!  If it stays the way it is?  Great as well.

I hope my content and articles can spark some conversations among us, engender a sense of community that allows us to learn from each other as we continue in this minimalist journey together.

By the way, the picture above is a mural in San Francisco’s Mission District.  That’s the powerful mural that ignites a deep sense of injustice in me that led me to question my consumerism habits, and led me to this minimalism journey.