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Simple Ginger Bug Recipe

September 21, 2018

I stumbled into soda making when my partner introduced me the book “Make The Bread Buy The Butter (affiliate link).”  Given the title of the book, the rebel in me attempted making butter first. The successful first attempt in making butter gave me an extra dose of confidence.  So I flipped over to the Table of Content for additional inspiration. And I landed in Ginger Ale/Soda.

Again, it was a super successful first attempt.  But the recipe called for active dry yeast. Active dry yeast costs $6/lb.  If I continue this new-found hobby, the cost may add up quite quickly. So, I started looking up alternative recipes for “homemade ginger ale.  And that’s how I come across something called “Ginger Bug.”

When I have more time, I definitely want to conduct thorough research on the difference between active yeast and “bugs,” but for now, it’s outside of the scope of this article.  

In this article, I mainly want to cover how easy it is to make a Ginger Bug, which you can use to make a variety of probiotic sodas.

This will take several days to finish, and you will need to feed it every day.


2 TBS of grated organic ginger

2 TBS of raw sugar 

¼ cup of filtered water


  1. 1.) Sterilize a 17 oz clamp jar
  2. 2.) To start the ginger bug, add ¼ cup of filtered water into the sterilized clamp jar
  3. 3.) Add 2 tbs of grated organic ginger and 2 tbs of raw sugar
  4. 4.) Set the jar in a warm place.  Keep adding one tbs of grated organic ginger and tbs of raw sugar and 2tbs of filtered water once a day.  You will begin to see bubbles on the 4th or 5th day. It may happen sooner depending on how warm room temperature is
  5. 5.) Once you begin to see bubbles, you can start using this bug to make probiotic sodas.  Continue to feed and replenish your bug by feeding it with raw sugar, grated organic ginger, and filtered water.

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