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Home cooking Part I – Tools and Equipment

June 25, 2020
Cooking equipmet

My partner can attest to the elevated gastronomic experience he has been partaking as I graduate from an amateur cook to a better home cook.  And in this journey, I have acquired and also retired some of my cooking tools and equipment.  Now, if it’s of any comfort, my learning curve was extremely linear…I mean it’s closer to a 0.1 slope kind of linear, as it started when…


Homemade Ramen in Wild Mushroom Broth

May 13, 2020
Wild mushroom ramen

On days when I work from home, I usually have back to back calls and meetings. Like most people, I usually just reheat leftovers for lunch if squeezing in lunch is even possible.  But then suddenly, you have one of those days in which you see a 30-minute window around lunchtime, what will you do? I can imagine any sane people opt to go for a walk in…


Easy To Make Bucatini Carbonara

April 1, 2020
Bucatini carbonara

At the time this article is written, the world is undergoing an unprecedented global health crisis called COVID-19/Coronavirus.  It began in the Wuhan province in November, 2019, and it slowly made its way across the Pacific Northwest.  By January of 2020, the news of this virus’s spread made it to the United States.  It was a big deal but many of the Americans didn’t think too much of…


Simple Homemade Pork Dumplings in Miso Soup

March 10, 2020

Part of me thinks that the title of this blog says it all – how much explaining do you need when you read “homemade pork dumplings in miso soup?”  But hear me out here – anyone can buy store-bought frozen wonton/potstickers/dumplings from your Asian grocery store and heat it up in miso soup.  But do you really want to eat frozen items that’s been in someone else’s freezer…

Body & Mind

What is self-care?

January 17, 2020
What is self care

As a recruiter, I have a lot of people asking me for 5 minutes of my time that turns into 30-minutes every day, with the hope of helping them to find jobs that I’m not able to do. I have hiring deadlines and meetings that require my focus. In all honestly, at the end of the week, I feel like I’m running on an empty tank. So,I began…


Claypot Rice With Mushroom and Chinese Sausage

October 8, 2019

I grew up in San Francisco, with easy access to a lot of delicious Chinese food.  Sometimes I wonder why there aren’t more specialty Chinese food restaurants like Chinese Porridge/Hong Kong breakfast style restaurants or Claypot rice restaurants??  I mean...the margin is HUGE! Anyway, I digress.   Cooking claypot rice can seem intimidating because you can run the risk of burning the rice, or undercooking the rice.  So,…


Homemade Kim Chi Recipe

June 28, 2019

According to, there are at least 10 kimchi varieties. (OK, if you REALLY want to go deep, there are hundreds of kimchi variety, from spicy to not spicy, from dry to wet).  The most popular kimchi sold in the US is Napa Cabbage kimchi, which is also the kimchi we’re making here. If you live in a major metropolitan city like San Francisco or Southern California, you…

Body & Mind

5 Things You Can Do Today To Simplify Your Life

December 20, 2018

It’s early to mid-December, and many people are planning for Christmas.  Part of me thinks that I should begin to feel nervous because of my increasing workload, year-end planning, family visits, and gift purchases.  But no, I don’t feel nervous at all. I’m tired, but not nervous. What happens on the inside is a manifestation of our environment. Although I spend time taking care of my physical and…